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Services & Amenities



The council owns land used for allotments on the Walcott road.

Many people in the village use the land to grow vegetables and other plants. 

If you would like to put your name down for an allotment, please contact the clerk.

Bacton School


We are proud of our school in Bacton. The Parish Council aims to give all the support it can to the school as it is such an important part of our community.


Bacton Primary School serves the communities of Bacton, Walcott and Edingthorpe offering good quality education to children from the ages of 4 to 11. The school is entering an exciting period of change as it moves from being a first school to becoming a full primary school. Our most recent Ofsted inspection (September 2010) rated the school as good overall. Ofsted described the school as “safe, secure and well-managed”, and said that “the staff are united in their aim to provide the best possible education and care for the pupils.” This gives the school a very solid foundation for the future.

Amenity Land


The Council has recently acquired (for a token payment) an area of land at Highbanks Edingthorpe. The land has been cleared and made safe.


The council invities views and suggestions as to what use the land should be put. It adjoins a neglected pond (which could be turned into an attractive feature). It also has fine views over open countryside. 


There is limited funding, but with enthusiastic response from residents it could be developed into a very attractive community area for adults and children. 

If you have any thoughts, offers of help or suggestions, please contact the clerk to the council.


Bacton playing Field


The Playing Field is an amenity for everyone in our villages.

It is owned and managed by the Parish Council. For further information contact the Clerk.


Rules and guidance relating to the Playing field and Pavilion

Refuse Collection


Bins are collected weekly by North Norfolk District Council (alternating between recycling and general refuse).


To check your collection for any particular week put in your house number/name at the following web page:


Refuse collection dates


You never know when one might be needed to save a life. Take a little time to locate the defibrillators so that you know how to get to one quickly in an emergency, at the following sites:

Bacton Village Hall (Coast Road, Bacton Norfolk NR12 0ES on the front of the building, clearly visible from the road).

Bacton First school (attached to railings).

Walcott Public Conveniences (between the Mace Store and the Kingfisher Cafe)

We are most grateful to Jane Biggs of Heart 2 Heart for taking over the management of the defibrillator at the village hall, and for providing an additional defibrillator at the school. ​​

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